Grind Ride Montreal

Feel strong, fit, and powerful in this high-energy resistance based spin class with Cassandra aka spinstaaa4life 🔥

The Grind Ride is a 45 minute cardio driven spin class

The Grind Ride is Cassandra's signature 45 minute cardio driven spin class that focuses on interval training, endurance, and power. When we Grind we work with high resistance at slower rpms in an effort to push our limits and test our strength. Expect to climb higher than you’ve ever climbed and to burn more than you’ve ever burnt.

In Studio

3 studio rides/week at VicStudios for the ultimate in-person spinning experience!


live-streamed Grind Rides 5 days a week through @spinstaaa_live
subscribe to a library of 350+ saved Grind Ride spinning classes on-demand available to do on your own time from home or the gym!

Fantastic class! Great music to motivate you and ride with the pack. Casey is a great motivator and pushes you to high fitness levels. The time went by in a blink…if you’re not spinning Grind Ride…then you're not spinning…period!

Umberto, Montréal

With Grind Rides, Cassandra creates a space where I feel comfortable working up a sweat and pushing my limits! I love how inclusive it feels, and I look forward to it every week!

Éléonore, Montréal

In Studio

In the Studio, we work with a variety of metrics including: watts, rpms, speed, and distance. We ride on Stages SC3 indoor bikes (the best of the best). Pedals are SPD compatible.







Single class drop-in rate is 28$ + tax

Cassandra connects with her class. Her prep work and leadership are second to none.

Michael, Texas

The cutest instructor with the most dire rides. Love having my a$$ handed to me.

Crystal, Montréal


I teach online spin classes to cater to all types of bikes and equipment. It doesn’t matter if you have a screen on your bike, or if you clip-in.


That was INSANE!! Loved the music, loved the instructor, loved the training! Perfect to go beyond your limits, I will for sure sleep well tonight! 😴🚴

William, Montreal
(after his FIRST Grind Ride)

Grind rides are the highlight of my week! They challenge you in a way that brings you face to face with your limits, but you’re having the time of your life while doing it. I leave the studio feeling strong and confident each time!

Natalie, Montréal

Ride hard, push your limits, have fun ⚡️

Whether you’re an athlete, spin lover, or simply looking to get in shape, the Grind Ride is for you.


Meet Cassandra

Your Grind Ride instructor

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Location for Studio Grind Rides:
376 Victoria Ave #300
Westmount, Qc. H3Z 1C3

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Things to know before you ride online

Whether you are joining a Live stream Grind Ride or you are doing one on your own time for the Drive, here are a few tips to ensure you have the best experience possible:

  • I film/stream in portrait mode, so the rides are best viewed on a phone or tablet. That way, I take up the entire screen.

  • I suggest wearing headphones while riding. This will help you shut off outside distractions and really hone in on the music and the beat. Bluetooth's headphones are best, as cords can get in the way while riding.

  • Set an atmosphere. Whether that means turning off the lights, lighting a candle, or investing in a fun party light — create a space that inspires you! You want to love coming to the bike, not dread it because your bike's tucked away in the basement corner (lol!).

  • Online, I teach in a way that caters to all types of bikes and equipment. So it doesn’t matter if you have a screen or not on your bike, or if you clip-in or not.

  • Last, but most importantly, take care of your equipment! I can’t stress this enough: wipe down your bike after every single use. Use a soft close and diluted dish-soap with water (I make mine in a spray bottle) and wipe it down top to bottom. You want your bike to be there for you as long as I can be, so you have to show it some love. Also, once a month, be sure to lube up the pedals, wheel, and crank with a dry lube (available at any bike shop).

Contact me for more information

For more info on how you can ride from home, or to subscribe to the Grind Ride Drive, please contact me via the form below, or reach out to Cassandra by email or DM on Instagram @spinstaaa4life💋

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Things to know before you ride in studio

  • Masks are to be worn at all times in the facility until you are seated on your bike

  • Bring a water bottle and dress light. You will 100% be getting sweaty!

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the ride, as late entries will not be admitted.

  • Personal belonging must be stored in the locker rooms. Lockers are self-lock, so you don't need to bring a lock.

  • Showers and locker rooms are available, but are currently bring your own towel.

  • There are no cages/baskets on the bikes for regular shoes. This means everyone must clip-in. The bikes use standard SPD clips. Shoes are provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own.

  • Parking is FREE after 18h00 around VicStudios during the week.

  • The closest metro stop is Vendome on the Orange line.

Location for Studio Grind Rides:
376 Victoria Ave #300
Westmount, Qc. H3Z 1C3